5 Ways to Cut Stress When Moving House

Moving house is often touted as one of the most stressful activities you can undertake. On the ‘stress scale’ it rates up there with having a baby, divorce and experiencing grief.

It doesn’t have to be like that. With some careful planning and positive thinking, you can alleviate the stress of moving house. See it as a time for the ‘ultimate’ spring clean to sort out possessions before packing your moving boxes and moving on to pastures new.

SuperCheapBoxes provide moving boxes and packing boxes for thousands of Australians throughout the year who are relocating from one house to the next.

1 – Allow plenty of time – Moving day comes around quicker than you think.  Order packing boxes from SuperCheapBoxes several weeks ahead of your move. Even if you have several weeks before the move it’s a good time to starting sorting out things soon and start to pack the boxes.

Domestic life can still go on but look at doing a room at a time to sort out things that you may not need such as old clothes, books and furniture.

Use a calendar to make a plan as to when each room is going to be tackled, and tick them off as you go. And don’t forget the outside areas.

2 – Do you really need that?  As sentimental as many things seem to be, moving house is time to consider whether some things are really needed and worth hanging on to.  You don’t really want to be taking a packing box of toddler toys when your children are now

And those clothes that you have in the bottom draw, have they been worn recently? The golden rule for packing your house, is that if the item hasn’t been used in the last 12 months it is high on the list for throwing out, selling or donating.

3 – Involve everyone in the move – Sorting and packing your house should not fall on one person in the household.  It’s a chance to get everyone involved whether it’s sorting garage and garden tools or get the children sorting through toys and clothes accumulated over childhood.

And for the bigger items such as furniture it’s a good time to get everyone together with a list and decide – by a vote if necessary – if an item is really needed in the new home.  Moving house is a chance to start again with fresh furniture suited to your lovely new

4- Leave it to the professionals – As tempting as it is to do the move yourself it’s generally better for a professional removal company to do the packing and moving.

It can be false economy to think you can do all the moving even with a hired van and the goodwill of friends and family. Most of us are more than capable of handling a move ourselves but one big problem we run into is lack of motivation and lack of manpower.

Sometimes that good friend just can’t make it and your neighbour other friends are just plain busy as usual, throwing that giant piece of furniture on your shoulder is just possible not because you can’t handle the weight but because of the awkward shape.

Nowadays you have the option of hiring a professional removals company to handle more than just the transportation of your belongings and having someone to assist you who specialises in packing and moving services is quite comforting. These removal companies can take the burden of packing everything just right and transporting it efficiently, off of your shoulders.

5 –Pack an ‘Essential Box’

An ‘essentials box’ is a great idea for getting those absolutely important items together to take to your new place and feel at home straight away.  It could be something practical such as a kettle and some cups for that first cuppa on arrival at the home – a few tools to help assemble your bed and furniture at your new home, or your children may want their favourite possession.

So there’s no big secret to making the move less stressful.  It’s all about good planning and seeing it as an opportunity for starting afresh.

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