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Super cheap boxes

10B-388: 39L Shipping Carton (10kg) – 545mm x 310mm x 230mm

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 39L Shipping Carton (10kg) – ‘Rectangular Base’ Box: Bundle (25)

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  • Versatile, strong shipping box – good structural strength for shipping and stacking.
  • Durable for shipping and storage – easy to assemble.
  • Made from 100% recycled material.
  • Shipped to you flat packed in bundle lots.

This is an ADJUSTABLE WALL BOX – A variety of carton sizes in one!

  • ‘Adjustable wall’ boxes have pre-scored groves along the sides, so each box can be easily cut to the desired size.
  • Box sides are pre-scored, commencing half-way up the box then at 50mm intervals.
  • Easy height adjustment – simply cut down to the desired height, eliminates the need for additional void fill.
  • Multi depth cartons also eliminate the need to buy / stock multiple box sizes.