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Super cheap boxes

3B-114W 11.4L White Square Base Carton – 230mm x 230mm x 215mm (25)

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11.4L White Square Base Carton  –   Bundle Of (25)

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11.4L White Square Base Carton

  • Made from 100% recycled material.
  • Shipped to you flat packed in bundle lots of 25.
  • Box offers a quick, easy, and convenient way for you to have your stuff delivered from A to B.
  • General purpose box.
  • Tape required for assembly.
  • Style description: Regular Slotted Carton. (RSC)  White – I Flute.
  • Fold box into shape to fill.
  • The RSC is a common, highly efficient carton design and the most common box style.
  • The RSC can be used to ship most products. Tape is required to close the top and bottom flaps.